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My name is Ellen and I've been creating soaps, bath and body products since 2013 and I launched my small business online store during the early CovidTimes of 2020. My adult child, Robyn, has been making soap since 2015 and launched their first products with us in January 2021.

Our goal is to bring you the best quality products by starting with the best quality ingredients we can find.

  • We are committed to providing vegan products which use only plant based oils, butters, and lye.

  • We use quality essential oils and fragrance oils.

  • We use all organic herbs and teas to create our tea blends.

Our packaging is simple so that when you purchase an item you are paying for the products themselves and not extra for fancy packaging.

If you don't find what you are looking for here we invite you to contact us so that we can create what you are looking for. We can tailor all our products to your desires. What can I create for you?

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