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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers you seek are below.

Only ONE Left: Why can't I order more of a thing?

If you can't order more than one, we ONLY have ONE left in stock. Snatch it up and message to see when more will be back in stock.  With small batch processing, items are generally stocked in quantities of 10 or less.

Gift Cards: do you offer them?

Yes!!! We offer eGiftcards now. Just click the link off of the menu. Once you select and pay for your gift, a notice will be emailed to your recipient.  If you send it to your own email, you can gift it in person.

Custom Orders: How do you place one?

Start a chat or go to the contact page and let us know what you're interested in.  We can do custom colors, shapes, and fragrances of most items. Ellen will help come up with ideas and let you know what custom shapes are possible. We generally request 50% down and 50% on delivery for all custom orders.

Soap Color Variations: Why does my soap look different than the picture?

All soaps go through a curing process during which the color might change slightly or ash might form on the soap. Because the photos are generally taken in the earliest stages of that process, these variations aren't in the photos. Rest assured, the soaps are still fine to use and any bar of soap that isn't will not be placed up for sale.

Payment Options: Which Ones?

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal.  We do not yet accept any other forms of digital payments at this time.

Currency: Which one and I'm being shown?

The website is currently in US Dollar only. The currency conversion will be done by your credit card company or bank at time of processing.

Puerto Rico: Is it a state, territory, or what?

This answer is complex, but in regards to our website, the shipping pages want Puerto Rico to be it's own country! Please click on the link for state/country and select Puerto Rico from the list.


International Shipping FAQs

Countries: Which Ones?

We ship to Canada, US and it's territories. As our business expands and we understand customs requirements, we will add new countries. Please message us to let us know where you're from if we don't yet ship to you.

International Shipping Options unavailable?

While you are in your cart, please make sure your COUNTRY is set properly. Click on the link for state/country and select the one appropriate for you. If you still have problems, please message us.

Canada: Boy that's a lot for shipping!

Oh Canada!! The more you buy, the more cost effective the shipping!  We use flat rate packages and, for the minimum shipping of $26USD, we can ship approximately 7 soaps and 1 body butter or 5 body butters and 2 soaps. This is approximate of course. 
One option is to go in together with friends or family on an order to reduce the impact of the shipping cost.

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