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Thank you to our family of customers for all of your support!

ImagineSoap & ImagineTea ATX was born out of the simple idea that great stores offer great products and fantastic service. We take pride in our dedication to our customers, and are thrilled to present some of our clients’ feedback below.


"I have been using the Sinus Shower Steamers for a few years now, and basically can't make it through a Texas winter without them!

Ellen's products are absolutley wonderful. Her bath bombs are so creative and fun, the shower steamers help my sinus related migraines go away, and her products have brought smiles and joy into my life during a very boring and sad 2020.

I can't recommend her products enough, and even bought some as holiday gifts for friends and family to share the love and joy! (But I'm keeping most of the Sinus Shower Steamers for me!)"

Jessie K.

house blessing spray.jpg

Everything I have tried has been wonderful! The bath bombs last a long time and are so relaxing. The soaps just fill my bathrooms with beautiful scents, not too strong; just creating a nice atmosphere. The wax melt’s scent stays strong every time I heat them up. I love the several different scrubs I have purchased. Most recently the red rose scrub, which was amazing! and left my skin so smooth. I’m glad I bought 2! Everyone in my family loves the house blessing spray. I always look forward to what is new and know that these products are not only made with great quality materials, but you can tell they were made with love and positive intentions. And I love supporting local businesses!

Elizabeth M.

Himalayan Salt Bar.jpg

"The Himalayan Salt Spa Bar smells great and has a rich, creamy texture. The lotion bar smells amazing and feels great. I don't like perfumed products, and these smell amazing and are natural. Ellen takes the time to research the herbs and scents and what they do for us and creates amazing combinations. I highly recommend trying a bar or two. Then you'll buy them as gifts."

Anastasia L.


"Been using the soaps for a while now and my skin absolutely loves it. The only hard hand soap that doesn’t make my skin either dry or too greasy/weird soft feel. ImagineSoap's product has the perfect balance :) And, the cherry on top is amazing scents and the gorgeous look."

Melody F.


"I LOVE my soaps! They are beautiful AND useful! Anything rainbow and I’m in! I also tried the shower fizzies....and really enjoyed the effervescence of eucalyptus and peppermint. Thank you!"

Leigh D.


"Every item I've purchased has been both beautiful to look at and has served its use perfectly! The quality of ingredients, craftsmanship, and care put into each item clearly shows. I'm a happy returning customer!"

Elisabeth B.


"The sinus shower steamers are amazing!!! 1/2 our house was down with colds/sinus issues these were amazing."

Laureen H.

rainbow splash.jpg

Picked up my soaps and bath bomb today and CANNOT WAIT to use them!!! :) They’re GORGEOUS!!

The online ordering and local pick up was easy to use and ImagineSoap was very communicative via email about the steps.

This company offers delightful goodies, made with quality ingredients, at a great price.
I definitely recommend them and will order order order from them again!!

Geri J

sparkling spruce body butter.jpg

"The body butter made my skin so soft and the bath bombs smell amazing. Your skin will thank you and the soaps are beautiful and hand crafted."

Stephanie V.

coconut Lime bb.jpg

"The quality of your base material is so good and so thick. It's unlike any other items that call themselves body butter! You have a lifelong fan and patron in me!"

Becky K.

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